5 Axis Department

5 years ago we took a serious look at 5 axis machining and ordered orDMG/Morei Seiki DMU60 Monoblock 5 axis milling center. We have always bought the finest equipment money can buy and our DMU60 was consistent with that tradition and for good reason. DMG is arguably the world’s finest 5 axis machine manufacturer and boasts one of the largest and most modern production facilities in all of Europe. This machine is simply stated an incredibly advanced machine and capable of astounding accuracy. We’ve spent the last 5 years honing our 5 axis programming and machining skills and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that one of our customers has seen a cost reduction in a critical part from $2900 to under $2000.

We’ve gotten so good at 5 axis work that we just bought our second 5 axis, another DMG but this one is a DMU80 with a 34 inch table big enough to handle a full sized 8 cylinder engine block ! Normally a machine this size wouldn’t be found in an average small machine shop but nothing about Polynetics is average. We strive to be above average on all levels and so far, we’ve raised the bar on the term.

Our 5 axis machines both offer 18,000 RPM ceramic bearing spindles, Renishaw or Heidenhein touch probing systems, Blum lasers for tool life management, and they even have self calibration options that keep them in perfect alignment for unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. Few shops offer this level of sophistication, even fewer can do it consistently.


Our Open Mind Hypermill advanced CAD/CAM programming software is designed specifically for complex 5 axis work including spiral inducers, turbo expander wheels, turbine wheels and blades, and many other challenging geometries. Hypermill provides an array of highly diversified programming solutions saving us time and allowing us to provide much higher quality and shorter lead times. The result is a win-win for our customers and a level of confidence that we can provide exactly what is needed in this challenging business environment, quality, delivery, and economy.