Charging Flywheels

Our billet charging flywheel is the original patented charging flywheel used by world champions and weekend warriors like yourself all over the world. They are the lightest, strongest charging flywheels in the world, period.

They are well engineered using the latest and most advanced CAD/CAM software and precision machined on the best CNC equipment money can buy. Each one is designed and engineered to provide years of trouble free service under the most demanding conditions.

We’ve been leading the world in charging flywheel technology since 1991 when we patented the very first one. They are machined using billet aluminum, high powered magnets, heat treated ring gears, and anodized to protect them from corrosion. Some models use a heat treated steel hub insert, a technology we pioneered, to prevent fractures in the hub, a common problem on competing designs.

Step up to the best, Jetinetics Charging Flywheels…there are no equals.

Total Loss Flywheels

Jetinetics is known for its HEAT total loss ignitions produced between 1990 and 2000, a very reliable system that helped shape racing today. Our total loss flywheels were the ultimate in lightweight flywheels proving to be not only the lightest and strongest but also the most reliable racing flywheels in the business. Most designs weigh-in at under 2 pounds and some weigh as little as one pound ! They provide the spine snapping throttle response you’d expect from this ultimate performance upgrade with simple installation and compatibility with most aftermarket ignitions. Check with us to see if they’ll work for your set up before buying but rest assured, we’ve been at this a long time and we can help make this a winning addition to your water rocket !

Total Loss Flywheel