How we started

Polynetics was founded in 1963 by Charles Pernice when he moved his family from New York to California. Having served his country in the USAF and Air National Guard as a flight engineer on a B29 bomber and pilot in training, Charles had experience that gave him some insight into the aircraft parts marketplace. Later, as a sales representative in the balancing field, he saw the need for a company offering balancing services to the aerospace and related industries. As with many small businesses he staked out a niche. He offered a unique combination of precision dynamic balancing and machining services to a thriving So. California industry.

Renamed Duonetics after combining with its PWC racing enterprises, Jetinetics and Pro Jet Sports, the company continues to expand under the direction of President and Founder's son, Robert Pernice by offering new services and improved capabilities.

Where we are

Polynetics owns the 13,000-sq-ft building that houses its advanced line of 3, 4, and 5 axis mills and turning centers. The company operates a solid line up of precision equipment including 2 DMG5-axis mills, precision turning centers, honing equipment, and 5 Hoffman balancers with capacities ranging from a few ounces to 1500 lbs. We employ advanced CAD/CAM programming software to aid in production and maintain high quality. Our AS9100 Certified Quality Control Dept. is fully capable of providing the highest degree of quality control over every job in our shop.

Where we are going

As we continue to move forward we are adding new equipment such as our DMG/DMU85 Monoblock 5 Axis and our DMG CTX510 Live tool turning center. Each offers us an opportunity to improve quality and efficiency to help us better meet the demands of our customers. We’ve upgraded our AS9100 Rev. C quality control system to an advanced online system capable of allowing our customers to access work flow and quality records in real time, these are the kinds of advanced service we continue to implement. This is our commitment, to continually add and improve upon that foundation.