Handeling Products

Pro Jet Sports

Pro Jet Sports we launched 20 years ago with the goal of producing a line of PWC parts and accessories that were the best in the business. We promised ourselves we’d be creative and unique, to improve whatever was out there and offer our products at a fair price. We never skimp when it comes to quality, it’s second nature to us since our “other job” is making parts for spacecraft, helicopters, and fighter aircraft for our national defense.

Handling Products

Our handling and pump accessories are a work in progress with new items under development and soon to be released. We’ve targeted specific areas that we know need improvement over the current offerings and we won’t quit refining them until we’re convinced there’s nothing better on the market. Don’t hold your breath though, we mean it when we say we won’t offer it if it’s not the best and we won’t. If it shows up here you can bet it’ll be pretty impressive.