Hose Clamps USA

We are a national distributer of the Norma brand of all stainless steel worm drive hose clamps. We keep an inventory of popular sizes for most needs.

The Norma hose clamp is an industry standard in Europe and the hose clamp is commonly referred to as a "norma" by mechanics. The Norma hose clamp utilizes a specially "formed" thread in the band to create a unique patented worm drive that prevents overstressing the threads that leads to the twisting and breakage common with most perforated hose clamps. These clamps offer greater clamping strength and don't "extrude" the hose through the clamp because the formed screw threads don't go through the clamp.

We offer the clamps in all stainless steel (W3 style clamps), and with corrosion resistant zinc plated screws (W2 style clamps). The W3 are used primarily in marine or high corrosion environments. W2 clamps are suitable for general purpose, automotive, and home use.

Once you've tried the Norma clamps you will never buy another style of clamp...we know, we use them everywhere in our machine shop!

About Hose Clamps USA

Hose Clamps USA is a division of Duonetics Corporation engaged in the supply of the highest quality all stainless steel hose clamps available today. We offer the Norma brand of hose clamps exclusively. The German made hose clamp with patented features offered by no other hose clamp. Hose Clamps USA inventories these clamps in a size range from 8mm thru 140mm in standard band widths of 7mm and 9mm depending on diameter. The Norma clamps offer a special "formed" thread on the band that is not perforated thru. This formed thread is significantly stronger than any other standard perforated hose clamp and prevents the familiar and damaging "extruding" of the hose material when tightened. Other features allow much higher torque values that would destroy standard clamps and provides more even distribution of the clamping forces for better sealing. As a leader in providing high quality products and services, we will only offer the finest products available and the Norma brand clamps are without equal in their field.