Ignition Systems

Jetinetics has always endeavored to create cutting edge products with new or emerging technology integrated in a way that augments the products we offer. When we developed the original HEAT and One Shot racing ignitions we used the best technology we could find to build reliable systems that delivered intense spark energy in compact packages. While the HEAT continues to have the reputation as the most reliable ignition system ever sold in the watercraft industry, the lack of programmability was a drawback to widespread use. It works great but most tuners like the ability to alter the timing curve. The One Shot was an amazingly versatile system but with all of its programming features and dyno-proven horsepower gains it was too complex for the industry to fully understand and we shelved the system in favor of a more user friendly platform which leads us to the introduction of two amazing new systems for your performance needs…

HEAT II Ignition-We are pleased to introduce the all new HEAT II system with programmable curve and rev limiter functions. These compact systems feature the same reliability that made the HEAT system so popular but now with the added ability to change curve data and with a programmable rev limiter. Each feature is laptop/PC programmable via USB port utilizing an infrared sensor to send program data, there are no ports for water to get into so there’s no chance of damaging the system when programming.

Programming is done using our online downloadable software for your PC based computer. Simple points are input for RPM and Timing settings, then pick your rev limiter RPM and download. It only takes milliseconds to download, in fact it’s so fast that it’s finished before you can count to one!

The rest of the system is what you’re used to, easy to wire installation, simple instructions, the best flywheels and other components in the business, and a powerful coil to deliver incredible spark energy to the plugs. All you have to do is install it and hang on!

One Shot Ignitions

Introducing the all new One Shot digital programmable ignitions, a quantum advance in ignition technology. The fully programmable One Shot system offers an unrivaled list of features and technology and is so advanced and accurate that no other system can match this level of performance! It’s so advanced it can be used as either a total loss system or as an enhancer with your stock ignition system, no other system in the world can do that!


  • Infrared/Optic programming dongle to prevent water intrusion into electronics
  • Instantaneous 5 millisecond download time
  • USB programming dongle included
  • Dual purpose Total Loss or Stock Ignition Enhancer system can be used as either total loss or charging!
  • Available remote programming dongle with 16 preloaded curves and editing features (optional)
  • Fully digital programmable timing curve with 32 RPM vs. Advance/Retard points by 100 RPM increments
  • Fully programmable rev limiter from 3000 RPM to 16,000 RPM
  • Ultra-accurate 1/4 degree accuracy of timing setting at programmed RPM
  • Programmable initial timing (curve start point so you don’t have to adjust the stator plate)
  • Advanced LED system analytics flash information to you for TDC, programming modes, faults, and other information
  • Billet aluminum housing is slim and compact, and protects the system from even the most brutal conditions
  • Fully waterproof connectors prevent water and salt corrosion at electrical connections
  • Fully application specific “SMART” wire harnesses “recognize” what watercraft their installed in to prevent installation errors
  • Hi powered digital firing transistors provide accurate, reliable power to each coil for unparalleled spark energy regardless of the coils being used, all the way from the smallest to the largest, most powerful coils
  • Fires one, two, three coils and can be configured to run up to 8, yes eight cylinders with 8 individual coils
  • Can develop up to 250 millijoules of spark energy from high powered coils
  • Fires using a signal from factory stator plate (like early Kaw 440 and Yam 650), proximity switch (like Kaw 750/800 and Yam 1100), or hall effect (like most total loss systems)
  • Automatic power down and sleep mode draws so little power it will last for months on a battery charge
  • Optional sensors include vacuum drop, boost, anti-knock, water injection

Overall, this is the most advanced system of its kind ever developed. Power, economy, ease of use, advanced functionality, there’s simply nothing like it on the market. You’ll want to be the first to have it, you’ll be the last to the checkered flag without it !