Inspection Department

Perfection Simplified

Polynetics strives to provide our customers with the highest degree of quality control available. To facilitate this Polynetics has assembled an inspection laboratory with a full compliment of inspection tools to aid in that standard and a quality control system consistent with industry standards and practices.

The result is a climatically controlled inspection laboratory equipped with a full range of inspection hand tools such as micrometers and digital electronic calipers, precision gages and other inspection instruments. The laboratory is stragically equipped with a Starrett CMM and Deltronic optical comparator with a digital data acquisition computer and both are connected to a Dell computer for data storage and manipulation.

All equipment and measurement processing is determined by the AS 9100 quality control system. Polynetics has developed a quality control system that conforms with the AS 9100 industry standard to ensure against quality lapses on the production floor. The AS 9100 is an invaluable tool in the pursuit of a near zero defect production environment.

Polynetics has an incredibly low defect record with our many customers. What is of particular interest is the fact that many of the parts machined at Polynetics are exremely high dollar value components and as such it is in our best interest to prevent scrap on the machining floor. Lapses in quality control can cost significant dollar loss and delivery delays. Polynetics has a proven record of excellent quality control and has a system of continuous quality improvement.

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