Who is Jetinetics?

Jetinetics began operations in 1988 by supplying CNC machined racing flywheels to the watercraft industry. With over 35 years of experience in aerospace machining, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the industry. We began racing in 1990 with a team of three riders ranging from Amateur to Pro, and supported racers throughout the USA with regional support. We began filling the needs of racing organizations such as PJS, Butch’s, R&R Jet Tech and others. Jetinetics quickly gained industry recognition with the introduction of the "Charging Flywheel", a revolutionary new product which we later patented. The charging flywheel is the easiest way to gain significant performance gains without sacrificing reliability. While the charging flywheel is not our only product, as the creators, it is what we are most known for. We continue to create new products for the watercraft industry including total loss ignitions with hot new features, "tunable" filter systems (TFS), and the world’s most refined carburetor linkage kits.

Currently, Jetinetics supplies every major distributor and some OEM manufactures with aluminum billet bow eye, bilge pump and water bypass fittings. In fact, if you have one on your watercraft, chances are good it was produced by Jetinetics.

Why is Jetinetics better?

At Jetinetics, our reputation for innovation and quality is world renowned. Our flywheels have to be the strongest, lightest, and trickest looking pieces money can buy, with every feature a top engine builder could hope to have. Every flywheel has a laser engraved, printed or adhesive applied precision timing marks to aid in making accurate timing adjustments for optimum tuning. Each flywheel is precision dynamically balanced to eliminate damaging vibration which could lead to premature engine failures. Most flywheels come with a stainless steel "torquing washer" to provide more even torque to the surface of the flywheel. This prevents the bolt from damaging the flywheel during operation and causing the bolt to loosen. Some models use a hardened alloy steel center hub section (similar to stock units) which eliminates any chance of a cracked hub, or bore related failure. These hubs are hardened to 65 Rc, and are 400 times more corrosion resistant than double hard chrome. This is extremely important since these engines are subject to intense dynamic loads which have proven fatal to even the stock flywheel units, and the corrosion resistance is an added benefit. All our flywheels have magnets buried inside precision machined pockets which are filled with epoxy. This makes it impossible for magnets to come loose, rust or crack. Our magnets are US made, and retain their full strength for 600 years.