Lathe Department

Polynetics has always been a solid provider of precision turned parts, many that require additional machining like milling or other machining operations. Often the lathe provides the foundation for all future work, normalities, and tight tolerances. For these reasons we utilize high quality turning centers by Nakamura Tome and DMG-Morei Seiki. These refined and highly reliable machines provide the level of precision and sophistication necessary for today’s complex and demanding products.

Currently we offer our Nakamura Tome Slant 1, Nakamura Tome TMC II, our DMG CTX 510 with live tooling for production work, and our two manual engine lathes which provide 2nd operation and tooling support.

These 5 machines are supported by a first class metrology laboratory raising our turning department to a level that most small machine shops cannot achieve. We are ready to take on your most demanding work.