One Shot Total Loss Ignitions

All New Technology

These new systems represent the latest advancement in racing ignition technologies. We’ve been around the block a few times in the ignition business with our popular HEAT ignitions and the analog One Shot systems we released back in the mid-1990’s. We learned a great deal as we watched a lot of other systems come and go and took notes on the mistakes they made.

Advanced Digital Architecture for Accuracy

This new system is a fully digital computer processor driven system that accurately delivers a single ultra-high energy spark precisely as programmed. Because it’s digital it utilizes internal timers that run in nanoseconds and can accurately deliver spark signals within a fraction of a degree. Analog systems, however, are subject to gross errors resulting from the use of low quality resistors to slow the signal based on dip switches which can fail from water contamination and other issues. Variations of more than 5 degrees have been documented in tests using popular analog systems.

Total Loss AND Enhancer

The One Shot system is both an “enhancer” and a total loss system meaning that it will trigger from your factory stator plate and flywheel much like popular enhancer units but is also a total loss system triggered via a discrete sensor and total loss flywheel. It’s the best of both worlds ! Now you can keep your stock flywheel and charging system but get the benefit of a fully digital programmable ignition system. You can even use aftermarket coils for added performance gains. You can go full tilt and opt for our lightweight charging or total loss flywheels to get the most performance from this potent combination.

Why One Shot?

We call the system the One Shot because we utilize a technology referred to as “inductive” and we deliver one very high energy/high current jolt of energy to the plugs instead of multiple high voltage low current sparks. We proved during numerous dyno tests at our facilities and at Competition Cams in Tennessee that the high intensity spark delivers more horsepower and better performance at low throttle settings and also in cold conditions. Our tests revealed an improvement in overall performance vs. multiple sparks. Furthermore, the architecture we employ allows a more robust and consistent spark than those created by other technologies. The result is better performance, higher reliability, and greater control and accuracy of the spark delivery process.

Advanced Infrared Programming Technology

Water intrusion is public enemy number one when it comes to ignitions and watercraft. We knew we needed to re-invent the programming process and we did. We created an infra-red programming dongle that uses light to transfer data instead of plugs pins that can corrode and allow water and salt to intrude into the connections. The dongle plugs into your USB port and automatically uploads your program data in a fraction of a second. Each cable is uniquely coded to your ignition so other people can’t pirate or use your dongle.

Advanced Portable Programming Technology

We know how much you love your laptop, we like ours too and the thought of trekking it down to the ocean waves to reprogram our ignition made us a little nervous. So we developed the optional programming module which stores up to 16 individual programs that you can download to your ignition module without exposing your laptop to the surf and sand. You can even use it to modify your programs with the on-board editing keys so you don’t need a laptop or computer to make changes on the fly.

Windows Based Programming Software

The system is programmed via computer using free windows compatible software downloaded from our website. The easy to use software interface provides a timing curve map and settings for rev limiting and other features. Simply input the rpm and timing and other values you desire and upload them to the controller via the standard or optional USB dongle. Software upgrades are always available for download and will be compatible with all One Shot Systems ignition controllers.

Use Any Coil, Aftermarket or Stock, Big or Small

Since we’re using digital technology we have total control over many factors including the load placed on the firing circuit by the ignition coils. We can sense the load, control the current and dwell (saturation time), and deliver the spark accurately under any condition. That means the system knows how big the coil is, it’s impedance, and how long it needs to be turned on so any coil that’s attached is charged to its optimum performance and need not be configured to match the system. We offer an array of coils with various performance characteristics or you can use one(s) you already have.