Pro Jet Sports

Moving Forward

It is our goal to design and manufacture only high quality and innovative products for personal watercraft. Pro Jet Sports actively supports the sport of personal watercraft racing, the efforts of the IJSBA and other organizations dedicated to public awareness, safety, and environmental concerns with regard to personal watercraft.

Company History

Pro Jet Sports was founded in 1998 by Aaren Davis and Robert Pernice as a collaborative effort to provide exceptional parts and accessories for the personal watercraft market. Aaren Davis began his watercraft career at the side of Ed Miller, founder of Performance Jet Ski which was undeniably the leading force in launching the sport of PWC racing to its current status. Mr. Davis spent several years assisting in the development and testing of a broad range of racing components for PW including exhaust systems, carburetion, ignition, cylinders and cylinder heads, and key handling components. He is also an accomplished racer having been sponsored by Performance Jet Ski and Team Kawasaki on the 1993 thru 1994 National Tours.

In 1990 he founded Aaren Davis Racing and specialized in the maintenance and modification of personal watercraft for racing use. Rapidly establishing a reputation for building extremely fast and reliable racing engines, Mr. Davis has become recognized by his peers in the Southwestern U.S.A. as a respected engine builder and watersports enthusiast. Robert Pernice began his watercraft career in 1987 designing and manufacturing critical components for Performance Jet Ski through his manufacturing company Polynetics Inc.

Mr. Pernice is a proficient machinist with 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of aerospace, commercial, and military machined parts, and is proficient in the use of CAD/CAM design techniques. Using his 35+ years of mechanical experience, he founded Jetinetics Racing Products, a well known manufacturer of watercraft racing products and is the originator of the patented Charging Flywheel popularized by Jetinetics, used by top professional racers, and sold by many companies worldwide. He is respected by the industry as an accomplished machinist, and avid industry supporter.