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Milling Department

Milling Department

When we started out back in 1963, milling was a necessary component of our core service in the aerospace industry. Back then we were making many small parts with tiny holes in stainless steel and other challenging parts. As we grew with our customers our needs grew along with them. Today we offer 5 advanced milling centers including two amazing 5 axis machines which are discussed in greater detail on the 5 axis pages.

Our three milling machines range in size from our 300 mm (11.8 inches) palletized horizontal Kitamura H300 with a full 4th axis, to our twin Yamaseiki VMC1200 and VMC 800, full 4th axis vertical milling machines. Each has its unique advantages including liberal machining envelopes and rigid, high-torque spindles but all provide a range of machining capacity that allows us to handle parts over 4 feet long and almost 30 inches in height. We can even handle parts longer than 12 feet with some clever tooling.

Each machine is well tooled and supported, each has full 4th axis capabilities, and each provides high accuracy and sophisticated programming options. Our H300 has a built-in Renishaw probing system capable of maintaining positional and dimensional accuracy to within .0002”.

Advanced CAD/CAM

Combined with our licensed seat in the very advanced Open Mind Hypermill CAD/CAM programming software and AS9100 Certified metrology laboratory we are well able to tackle just about any milling job. Let us quote your challenging work and you’ll see why Polynetics has a reputation for being problem solvers.